Moving to a new home is exciting but can quickly become overwhelming if you're not fully prepared.  Planning ahead and getting organised means less stress and more time to enjoy the excitement. The team of independent letting agents at Hirsch Estates are here to give you the best rental experience available.


We understand the importance of offering a truly personal and hands on service to all our clients.

  • We're here to help match you to the right propert. Affordability, availability and property size will all be taken into consideration.
  • Setting a tenancy up correctly gives security and peace of mind to tenants. With independent inventories and 24/7 maintenance reporting, we have you covered, and you know that with an independent letting agent your best interests are being taken into account.


Before staring your property search

Get financially prepared. Know what you can afford including council tax, utility bills such as water, gas and electricity, TV licence and any other incidentals.


Identify your requirements

Establish your rental criteria by clearly identifying what your needs are.  Price, size and location will be your defining factors and being clear with your letting agent will ensure your property search is as productive as possible.


Legal aspects & responsibilities

It's also important to understand the legal aspects and responsibilities of being a tenant, although what is expected of you will be documented in your tenancy agreement.  To start the application process to rent a property, we will require documents to confirm your identity, immigration status, employment and credit status.  It is normal practice for any good letting agent to check your suitability to rent a property.  This will apply to anyone over the age of 18 living with you.


The Government's How to Rent Guide offers plenty of helpful advice to guide you through every step of the letting process. A landlord or Agent is required by Law to give you a copy of this guide to tenants when starting or renewing a tenancy.