Coronavirus ("COVID-19") Update

Here at Hirsch Estates, we remain committed to following Government guidelines during COVID-19. The guidance is designed to protect everyone involved within the industry.


People are free to move home, however practices and procedures have been adapted to ensure that key activities around this can happen safely. It is important that everyone knows how to stay alert, contain the virus and save lives.



Before arranging an appointment, please confirm that you or anyone else in your household have not experienced any symptoms of COVID-19, including a high temperature, a new persistent cough or a change to your sense of smell or taste within the last 14 days.

  • To maintain the safety of everyone concerned, all clients will be required to wear their own PPE during viewings, consisting of a face covering, shoe protectors and gloves. To minimise the risk of transferring germs, clients will also be expected to bring their own hand sanitiser and PPE.
  • Please note that you will NOT be permitted to view a property without wearing a face covering, shoes protectors and gloves or using hand sanitiser. This is to protect you, the current occupiers of a property and us in line with Government guidelines.
  • Before entering a property on a viewing, hand sanitiser must be used and, where possible, you should avoid touching surfaces and wash your hands regularly.
  • The number of people on a viewing should be minimised to those from your household that absolutely have to be there, ideally a maximum of two. If you need to be accompanied by small children, you should try to keep them from touching surfaces and ensure they wash their hands regularly.
  • Before a viewing, we will ensure that all internal doors are opened and surfaces, such as door handles are cleaned.
  • To minimise contact with those not in your household, where a property is occupied and we are accompanying a viewing, we will ask tenants to ensure the property is empty whilst viewings are taking place.
  • To minimise the spread of the virus, social distancing must be maintained at all times.


For more information, please refer to the government website