Landlords should look to offer a high standard of rental accommodation to attract the best tenants, but to also minimise the risk of compliance problems.  Failure to comply could result in hefty fines or a loss of your Section 21 rights as a landlord. 

An inventory services company has advised that local authorities and Trading Standards teams are taking a stricter approach in enforcing rental property compliance matters.

No Letting Go cited three recent cases where landlords or agents were hit with fines ranging from £48,000 to no less than £330,000 because of compliance failures.  The organisation has also said there is an increased threat to landlords because 100 local councils were awarded an additional £4m to increase rental sector enforcement.

At Hirsch Estates, we cannot emphasise enough that if you are a self-managing landlord, you understand precisely what your obligations are and do not unwittingly fall foul of the law.  However, with our support, you can feel confident about offering a safe and fully compliant rental property.

Do you need help managing rental property?

Nick Lyons is the founder and CEO of No Letting Go, the biggest inventory services provider in the country. He said; “Enforcement of legislation and regulations is rising and there is a lot at stake for property professionals. Compliance has become an integral part of the property management process and property professionals need to ensure all rental properties are safe, in a habitable condition and meeting the rising number of sector regulations.”

Lyons advised that a rental property inspection should be conducted every three to six months, and this process should be managed by the landlord, or the landlord’s agent. At Hirsch Estates, this is something we are more than happy to provide for you.

He also said; “Tenants generally report serious issues, but often fail to report minor issues until it's too late, that's why it's crucial that agents and landlords carry out regular inspections. What's more, evidence of inspections through mid-term reports can be invaluable if tenants are not looking after the property and further action is needed, or if the local authority is considering taking enforcement action.”

How to offer a better letting service as a landlord

Some tips which landlords should consider in managing their rental property include:

  • Take notes on the overall condition of the property, describing issues in detail, and if possible, take photographs or video clips of any matters of concern
  • Record the condition of the contents of the rental property
  • Check who is residing in the rental property, and whether they have a right to be in the premises
  • Keep complete records of any maintenance work carried out at the rental property, including the dates and cost of any work
  • During inspections, look out for signs of smoking at the property or pets being in the home; if any signs are spotted, record it

Of course, at Hirsch Estates, we are more than happy to take care of these matters for you. We offer an extensive range of property management services, and if you want complete peace of mind regarding your rental property, we are here to help.

With new regulations coming into effect, and existing regulations being updated, compliance is a full-time issue for many landlords. Rather than wasting time on this yourself, enlisting the services of a good agent, who stays up to date with these matters for a living, saves time and reduces your concerns.

If you would like to learn more about the impact a good letting agent can have for you, please contact Hirsch Estates on: 020 3002 0587